Uses of channel Irons in Zimbabwe

Channel steel is commonly used in the construction industry it is a construction component that is made from hot-rolled steel with a wide, flat surface and flanges at right angles on either side. Channel iron  is a rolled steel or iron shape having a U-shaped cross-section, with two narrower sides at right angles to a broader one. At Isteel & pump solutions we stock a wide range of channel Irons with different sizes.

Channel irons in Zimbabwe

Channel irons provide stability to construction structures. It’s mainly used in the construction of decks, bridges, and sheds. It’s more rigid and is mainly used to support bridge decks because of it’s ability to absorb flex and other forces that might damage more rigid I-beams and H-beams. At Isteel & Pump Solutions we have quality channel irons in Zimbabwe suitable for any project. Learn more about the uses of channel irons in Zimbabwe call or app Isteel & pump Solutions today.

Where to find channel irons in Zimbabwe

Visit us at 285 Action close willowvale Harare Zimbabwe. At Isteel pump and Solutions, we will help you pick the right sizes and steel products for your project. Uses of channel irons in Zimbabwe vary with the project visit us and we give you much detail.


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