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Look no further than Isteel & pump solutions for all your pipe valves in Zimbabwe. We have pipe valves for both residential use and industrial use. Quality pipe valves that suit your project. Shop pipe valves in Zimbabwe today from us, we have various types of valves are required in any piping system in order to regulate the fluid flow within that system. The size of a valve is decided by the size of its ends connected to the piping system.

Pipe Valves

Common types of valves can be self-actuated or manually operated or have actuators.

Types of Valves / Valve types

Common types of valves used in piping systems can be classified based on various parameters. Shop various types of pipe valves from Isteel today. Below is how pipe valve types can be classified.

  • valve types based on functions
  • type of valves based on end connections
  • valves based on construction material
  • valve types based on actuator operation
  • valve types based on the mechanical motion of the closing member
  • valves based on pressure-temperature ratings
  • types of valves as per port size.

The main function of a valve is

  • To start or stop a flow.
  • To increase or reduce a flow.
  • Control the flow.
  • Prevent backflow.
  • Relieve a pipe system at a certain pressure to safeguard the system.

Come shop all your pipe valves in Zimbabwe at Isteel.


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