Fish Plates supplier in Zimbabwe

Rails and fish plates in Zimbabwe

Rails and fittings are part of ISTEEL’s key product supplies. Though it may seem ancient and outdated rails remain the key and more modernized means of transport to mines and heavy manufacturing. Think of mines both shaft and opencast wagons become the talk of the day and thus rails and fittings. Isteel & pump solutions is one of the best suppliers of Rails and Fish plates in Zimbabwe. We also stock quality Steel pipes in Zimbabwe.

Below are some of the types of rails and fish plates we stock in Zimbabwe:

Rails – drilled and undrilled various sizes
Rail fittings and spares – fish plates
bolts & nuts


Isteel & PUMP Solutions


Fish plates are specially rolled section used for joining the rails end to end with the help of fish bolts. At Isteel & Pump Solutions we have the best fish plates in Zimbabwe. Visit us at 285 Action Close, Willowvale, Harare for all your fish plates and rails fittings at affordable prices. In general, railway fish plates can be divided into three types, light rail fish plate, heavy rail fish plate and super heavy rail fish plate. Railway fish plate is a type of rail fastener that connect with the two rail ends. Using railway fish plates to connect steel rails can save work time than welding technology, and work with track bolts, the railway fish plate is easily installed and serviced.


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