Our mission is to

provide quality steel and pumps equipment at a fair and competitive price. We commit to provide excellence and value in our structural solutions. Our dedicated approach delivers exceptional quality, predictable outcomes, continuous growth, opportunities and mutually beneficial relationships.

what we stock


“In all our dealings we are guided by the below values and goals.”

To be world’s leading structural steel solution provider.

We recognize that profitability is essential to our long-term survival, and that the growth of our Company requires the confidence of shareholders, customers, and continuous investment by investors. As a result, our need to provide a consistently strong return on investment, with continuous improvements in financial resources to maintain, advance and execute our business opportunities must be the focus of both our management and employees.

With all above, setting forth our “MOVING” corporate philosophy, INDUSTRIAL STEEL AND PUMP SOLUTIONS, can then play a meaningful role in the industry and become a growing source of pride to our nation, customers, shareholders and our employees and their families.