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Difference between stainless steel and carbon steel

Tip of today. At Isteel & pump Solutions we give you the knowledge and all information about our products. Stainless steel pipes and carbon steel pipes are both good choices for a variety of uses, so it may be hard to know which one is right. By getting down to the basics of what steel pipe is and how it’s used, you should be able to better determine which will fit your needs.

Both carbon steel pipes and stainless steel pipes belong to metal steel pipes, but the content of metal elements contained in them is different, which also leads to the characteristics of stainless steel pipes that are more corrosion resistant than carbon steel but have a higher purchase cost. Typically, both have the same basic elements iron and carbon. The difference is carbon steel pipe has a 10.5% alloy content while stainless steel pipe has a chromium content of 10.5 % and more than it. Also, its essential difference is distinct physical characteristics.

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