channel irons

Channel Irons

At Isteel & Pump Solutions we sell high-quality channel irons. A Channel iron is carbon steel that is hot-rolled with sharp angles on its outer edge and inside radius corners. It gives a superior structural support. The uses of channel irons includes a variety of applications, including automotive, machinery enclosure, and construction.

Where Channel irons can be used

  • Rafters for Roofs: Steel channel iron can be used as rafters in roofs instead of wood. Because steel is more durable and longer-lasting since it can’t be easily damaged by rot. Mostly in Zimbabwe, they are used to support the roof deck by running from the eaves of the roof to the ridge.
  • Studs in Walls: Instead of conventional wood framing, Steel channels can be used as studs. Studs bear the vertical load of a building. The advantage of channel irons is that Steel framing is easier to manage because steel studs weigh 1/3 less than wood studs and can support a greater amount of weight.  

Whether you want steel beams, or custom fabrication, the experts isteel & Pump Solutions can provide you with the right product to suit your needs. We are one of the biggest suppliers of steel products in Zimbabwe. If you’d like to learn more about being supplied with a variety of steel products, call us today.


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